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When Did I Become Mom to Three Little Girls?

This morning, I fed my girls like I always normally do. I was busy getting ready to go to Bible study (my weekly refreshing with women of all ages who encourage me). I was aiding one in getting her shoes on, trying to pour my coffee, and directing a full scale house search for a jacket.  I looked up and I saw this.

And I stopped dead in my tracks (then picked up my camera). And I knew. I do not have a baby in the house now. She’s a little girl. She’s growing up so fast.

The other day, at “nap” time (I put it in quotations because sometimes it’s arbitrary as to whether or not nap time happens around here), she cuddled down into my arms, stuck her little thumb in her mouth, found some random piece of fabric to fondle (she didn’t have access to a blanket, so my shawl had to do), and fell asleep. That moment also stopped me dead in my tracks. Because even though I had plans to fold laundry, write a post, pick up random messes here and there, and start dinner – I realized I might not ever get this moment back again. She may never still her little body and slumber in my arms again (unless I turn into that creepy mom from “I’ll Love You Forever” who sneaks into her son’s room at night to rock him. What IS the draw to that book?).

I find that I have to make myself stop and appreciate these moments. If I don’t, I’m going to miss them. If I miss them, what’s the point of being a mom?

So I’m going to try to let the rest of the unimportants fall to the wayside.

And I’m going to appreciate:

Having a practically perfect tea party, one that Mary Poppins would approve

Teaching Spanish to my eager five year-old

Our weekly mani-pedi nights

Reading their favorite books

Having rave toothbrush parties where they only brush their teeth to the light of their flashing toothbrushes and the song from the Dora tooth paste dispenser.

Dancing to the end credits of “Fantastic Mr. Fox” and “How to Train Your Dragon”

Listening to their wild made up stories about whatever is going on in their little brains

Their beautiful songs, whether they be ones I taught them or ones they made up

Cuddling with them before they realize that cuddling with mom isn’t cool

Giving them the spiritual truths they will need to navigate this crazy, crooked world

What will you take time to cherish today?


2 responses to “When Did I Become Mom to Three Little Girls?

  1. Melanie B. November 12, 2010 at 3:13 pm

    Love your post. I feel the same, I look at Noah and just think, where did that baby go that I could hold in one arm a year ago??? 🙂 Oy. I’m kind of w/you on that book too 🙂 HA.

  2. Amber C. November 14, 2010 at 2:30 am

    Your words touched my heart. Although I don’t have any lil ones of my own yet, I’ve felt the same over the years about my nieces and nephews. They just grow up too fast!!

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