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An Otterbox Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away (Alaska). There was a man. There was a woman. They were married and had three preschool girls.
The woman, for her 32nd birthday, wanted nothing more than an iphone. Her husband, being a man of great virtue (and one of those husbands who liked giving his wife whatever she wanted) gave her an iphone. He purchased one for himself too. While he was procuring said iphones, he decided, that being a military man who jumped out of airplanes, he would purchase a black Otterbox Defender case. It was supposed to be the most indestructible case on the market.

He proudly brought home the iphones and showed the Otterbox to his wife. She, being a little stuck up, said, “My iphone is cute and sleek. The Otterbox is so clunky. I don’t know that I want it on MY phone.” And so he purchased another case for her, one of inferior protection and quality.

Months passed. The husband jumped out of several perfectly good planes, with his iphone protected in his Otterbox Defender. His phone, because of the Otterbox, was unscathed by the abuse he put it through.

The wife found many useful purposes for her iphone. One of which was downloading games and movies to keep her preschoolers entertained during times of waiting (like at the Doctor’s office or while grocery shopping).

However, she found that preschooler hands are grimy. And have little dexterity. She was worried that her little ones would drop her iphone in its inferior case and break it. She was extremely careful with her phone, but she worried constantly about its fate.

One day, the husband decided to clear the snow off of the back porch. He put his iphone (still protected in its Otterbox), in his coat pocket and went to work. Upon finishing, he realized that sometime during the tedious task, his phone had escaped. He asked his wife to call his phone. When she did, they heard a three-foot snow bank ringing.

Lo and Behold, after digging a bit, they found the iphone, fully protected in its Otterbox, fully functioning and fine.

A few months later, after spending some time with her girlfriends (one of whom had an iphone protected in a pink and black Otterbox), the wife decided that it was worth the money spent to purchase an Otterbox for her phone. The pink gave the Otterbox the feminine touch she desired. She waited at the AT&T store for almost an hour, just so she could purchase one. When her iphone was securely placed in the Defender case, she never looked back. Wherever she went, people commented on her case. She proudly commented that it was an Otterbox, and told the tale of her jumps-out-of-planes-loses-iphone-in-snow-drift husband and how her Otterbox protects her phone from the evils of grimy preschool mishaps.

More recently, during a shopping trip to a mega wholesale store, the wife was using her iphone as an entertainment device for her youngest daughter. Being two, the daughter accidentally dropped the phone on the floor. Another shopper, who was in a hurry and moving in the opposite direction immediately ran over the iphone with a full cart.

“Oh my gosh!” the other shopper gasped.

The wife, smiled, picked up her iphone (in its pink/black Otterbox Defender case), and said, “No harm done. This is why I got an Otterbox!” (In case you were wondering, the phone was fine, by the way).

Because of her daughters’ obsession with her iphone and its amazing capabilities, the wife decided that ipod touches would be a most fantastic Christmas present for them (also, the wife was going a little insane because the daughters kept moving her icons and calling random people who she didn’t really want to talk to). Being a dutiful mother, she waited in line, over night, on Black Friday to get the best deal. It was SUCH a sacrifice. But, she scored three ipod touches for her little darlings.

As soon as she returned home with her loot, she promptly checked out the Otterbox website to see if they had Defender cases for the 4G ipod touch. Sadly, they weren’t in production yet. She finally commented on the website and found out that they MIGHT be ready for Christmas. She waited and waited. Then the news, they would not be available until December 31st. She was sad because she just couldn’t wait that long. She had a road trip to take and the ipod touches were going to help keep her sane. So reluctantly, and with great misery, the wife ordered three cases from another company.

And while the cases had held up well, the wife would frequent the Otterbox website to see if any progress had been made in producing the cases. A few weeks later, Otterbox announced that its black cases were available. But then, the wife noticed that colored cases would be available very soon. So she waited and anticipated. Pink/White, Purple/White, Blue/White. Amazingly, the same colors of the inferior cases she purchased before Christmas. It was unbelievably coincidental (or was it? Otterbox, are you in the wife’s head?).

The the wife found out about this contest. She had wanted to write a poem about her family’s story with Otterboxes. But, not being a poet, she had a difficult time. The only good line she could come up with was:

“Dear Otterbox, because I’ll need at least three,
it would be nice if one of those were free!”

So, because she was much better at story-telling, she thought she would write a modern-day fairy tale, of how Otterboxes have saved her family countless times from having to replace its iphones. Now, she plans to protect the new investment in Otterboxes too. However, it would be nice to only pay for two instead of three.

The moral of the story is: Buy Otterbox.

And they all lived happily ever after.

The End.

This is a story I wrote for an Otterbox giveaway on their website. This is a personal story of how well the Otterbox brand has worked for us. At the time of the writing of this post, I received no compensation (money or product) to write it. I am, however, hoping the writing of this post will lead to a free Otterbox Defender Case for one of my girls’ 4G ipod touches.

7 responses to “An Otterbox Fairy Tale

  1. Faye Whitaker January 15, 2011 at 11:18 pm

    Well, you’d get my vote if I were a judge!

  2. Erin January 16, 2011 at 12:39 am

    Laughing out loud…and getting ready to read the whole thing to my husband! Love you! 🙂

  3. Tiffany January 17, 2011 at 6:31 pm

    What an adorable story. I am going to have to share this via Twitter, sms and Facebook! I have seen what happens to Iphones when dropped, sounds like a great investment!

  4. raine January 22, 2011 at 10:00 am

    Great story! I’ve always been wary of how big otterboxes are, but I saw recently that they have made smaller ones. May have to get one. It’s probably moot now, and I don’t know about the apps on the iPhone, bit on my HTC I have a program where my son can only go on the programs I had already decided on. And it doesn’t allow phone calls or downloads, so I love it. Good luck on the contest!

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