Doin' It Halfway Since 1996

being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus

What’s My Story?

I’m just a girl . . . who used to like No Doubt. Then I grew up and found out the being a grown up was hard work. Working, and taxes, and marriage, and parenting, and hoping that I don’t screw my kids up too much and then there’s house training the dog . . .

Being an adult is serious business. I’ve started so much, but I have yet to really finish anything my entire life. Yes, I finished high school. And college. And my three pregnancies. My marriage is still in progress and eight years strong (bless my wonderful husband). But there are so many things that I have started and just not finished. Not only am I a terrible procrastinator, but my follow through leaves much to be desired. I’m a hard worker, if you give me a task. And I’m awesome at coming up with ideas and self-starting. It’s the execution that becomes a bit tricky for me.

Here are a few examples from my life of things I have begun, but never finished:

  • Learning Spanish. I majored in Spanish in college. I studied abroad for a semester (well, if you can call Mexico “abroad”). I actually became pretty darn good at conversing. Then I came home. And then I graduated. And then I never used my Spanish. Now, I do well to be able to say, “Una cerveza, por favor.” And I don’t even like beer.
  • Playing the piano. Anyone who heard me play now would never believe that I took nine years of piano as a child and teen, or that I used to play Beethoven, Bach, and Mozart. Now it’s like, “What’s that squiggly thing on top of all those lines called?” Yep. Sad.
  • Cloth Diapering. It was going to save us tons of money. Yes, it would cost a lot up front. But, it didn’t gross me out and it was good for the babies. And I did it for months. And then the second baby came along. And so did the disposables.
  • Training for a 10K. And you might as well lump in losing those last 80 pounds of pregnancy weight too. I have ALWAYS wanted to be a long-distance runner. I never played sports in school. But, I made a goal when I graduated that I would run, or at least be able to run, a 10K. I came very close. Then I got knocked up (actually, I got knocked up three times in 3 1/2 years, so, um, yeah). Here we are almost 15 years later, and I can barely run for five minutes straight. Oh, and as far as the weight goes, I’ve yo-yo dieted and exercised off and on for years. I even hired a trainer, who was wonderful by the way. I’ve paid for weight loss plans and a set of Tae Bo DVDs. Remember Tae Bo? Sorry to let you down Billy. I even had the Billy Bands (in fact, I’m sure they’re somewhere around here). All of these things were sort of a waste of money, seeing as none of it really stuck.
  • Blog Writing. I have started and then stopped writing five blogs. This is blog number six and I’m hoping 3rd time times two is the charm. I haven’t quite found my blog niche. So instead of trying to compartmentalize my life (I had a general family/parenting blog, two family blogs, a depression blog, and a “I’m an Army wife blog), I’m just going to throw it all out there here. I have also written numerous notes on myspace and facebook. Some of those were pretty good. I encouraged my friends with them, maybe I can encourage perfect strangers too.

So, what’s this blog about? It’s about me re-learning all those things that I used to be good at doing and maybe learning some new things in the process. It’s about inventorying my life and taking stock of that which makes me, well, me. It’s about trusting that God’s not finished with me yet, which means I’m not done using these talents yet either. It’s also about living with depression, but not letting it define or map out my life for me. It’s finding the joy in motherhood and real life, but still finding my identity in my Creator. It’s about finishing the race and hearing, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

This blog is an honest, on-going story of me, starting on my 33rd birthday. Love me or hate me, you’ll never find a reason to call me a liar. Unless I’m giving my weight at the DMV. Sidenote/Tangent (which I do quite often): Do they ever look at people when they copy over driver’s license information from an old card to a new card? I think mine still states the weight on my very first license had when I was sixteen. And who weighs the same as they did when they were sixteen? Not this chubby gal. All joking aside, I’m just an average woman who wants to get to the end of her life and find that it was extraordinary.

I was inspired to start this blog after reading the Single Dad Laughing Blog, The disease called “Perfection” and The CURE for “Perfection”. This guy is truly inspiring (both in these two posts, and the fact that he’s a single dad who you can tell really, really loves his kid).

Why 1996? It’s the year I graduated from high school and started to discover that follow-through was not my strong point.

The picture in my header? The Northern Lights (as personally experienced by Hubs and me) somewhere in the middle of the Yukon Territory, Spring 2010.

5 responses to “What’s My Story?

  1. Rebecca October 23, 2010 at 7:24 pm

    Hey! I thought you were writing about me for a minute, until you mentioned the Northern Lights. I have never seen those in person :0).

    Some of the things I have started and not finished are…
    Lamaze training for my first delivery
    College…I’m embarrassed to mention this one
    Many, many, many books!
    Piano lessons
    Painting the bedroom
    Painting the bookshelves
    Many sewing projects

    Now, there are things that I have finished or stuck with for a long period of time…
    A Halloween costume for my first child ~ well, actually it was just a pair of booties :0)
    A drawing promised to a family member (he did have to wait quite a while)
    Homeschooling (I am absolutely DETERMINED to stick with this)

    All of the other, undone projects are on the back burner and I’m sure I’ll get to them again one day, right?

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  3. Krista @ Life in Texas November 12, 2010 at 6:56 am

    I can already tell I like you. I’m with Rebecca, I thought you were writing about me there for a moment. I’m a TERRIBLE finisher! But I have an awesome marriage, and the three babies all came out and grew up so that’s more of a work in progress but I birthed them and no one can ever take that away.

    Nice to meet you tonight at the tweetup. Quiere una cerveza? O posiblemente se prefierie otra bebida. No tengas pena, todo va a estar bien. Muy bien.

    • Mama Bear Ping November 12, 2010 at 7:34 am

      Solamente agua, por favor.
      I had so much fun at the tweetup. All this stuff is new to me. It’s a little overwhelming, but I’m learning.
      I’m just loving writing again. I haven’t been able to do it for years (for several reasons – physical, emotional, spiritual).
      In the last month, I’ve just been able to write and write and write. And it feels GREAT!
      So thanks for stopping by. And thanks for your advice and input tonight. I can’t want to get to know you more via your blog!

  4. shelly walker November 22, 2010 at 2:02 pm

    Bravo! Love it. And maybe sometime you can tutor me on how to make one of these……

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