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Do You Pin?

Do you ever see a good idea while you’re surfing the web and want to remember it for a project later on? Or have you ever found a recipe that you really wanted to try, but when you decided to make it, you couldn’t find the website it was posted on? Did you post something on facebook to share with your friends (like a recipe or a great etsy shop), but then months later forget where you originally found it and then spend several minutes going back over your feed just to find it?

I have a solution for you. It’s called Pinterest. And it’s my new time waster addiction interest.

It’s pretty much like a virtual bulletin board where you “pin” items from the internet onto a virtual board.

It’s been so much fun being a part of this community. I’ve gotten great ideas from things I’ve seen on Pinterest.

I’ve found recipes, craft ideas, homeschooling ideas, DIY projects, and AHA! ideas, to name a few. It’s really getting my creative juices flowin’. While it’s not making me want to write so much, it is making me want to strip the wallpaper and redo the rooms in my home. It’s giving me ideas for our coming school year. It’s even helping me make up meal plans.

It’s also causing me to waste endless amounts of time on its site. However, it’s fun to dream. It’s fun to think of what I can do with the ideas presented. It’s fun to actually want to create SOMETHING again. In fact, as I type, I’m waiting for the spray paint to dry on my first Pinterest-inspired project. When it’s done, I’ll post pictures. But for now, I’ll keep you on pins and needles. It also gave my husband an idea for an awesome baby blanket (just gotta find a baby to give it to, I guess) which means he gave me the go-ahead to purchase the supplies to make it. Yay!

Anyway – I’m lovin’ Pinterest.

Feel free to follow any or all of my boards. Some of the ones I have set up are Dreams For My Home, Homeschooling, Food. Good Eats. Recipes., Giggle. LOL. Snort (where I post things that just make me laugh). You can find me here:

For anyone who is new to Pinterest, here are some tips:

Unless you have a friend already on Pinterest who can send you an invite, you’ll need to request an invite. Right now, I don’t know how long it’s taking for them to turn around the requests. A few months ago when I joined, it took a few days (three I think). You’ll receive an email giving you instructions when you’ve officially been invited to Pinterest.

After the initial account set up, you’ll get a generic set of “boards”. You can change the names of the boards to your liking, or stick with what they give you. You can also add boards. You’ll find that you want to as you get more involved with the website.

If you decide you want to dive into the insanity, you’ll want to add the tool bar. This allows for you to pin just about anything from any website on the web (although, you can’t pin things directly from facebook). Usually, it gives you a bunch of thumbnails (small pictures) to choose from. You pick one, pick a board to pin it to, give it a description and then pin it. Find a great recipe you want to try? Pin it. Find a funny picture on the web? Pin it. Your favorite blogger gave you a great idea? Pin it.

While you’re perusing the Pinterest site (you can just see the boards you follow, or you can see everything anyone and everyone posts), you might see something that you want to remember. This is where you re-pin. Just take your arrow and hover over the picture. You’ll see a few buttons pop up on the picture.  Choose the re-pin button. Then follow the instructions above for pinning.

It takes some getting used to. But once you get going, you’ll find you can’t stop. And overall, it’s pretty user-friendly.

So that’s it. I’ll leave you to it. Happy Pinning!


Post No. 50.

I can’t believe that this is my 50th Post. It’s a little surreal.

I want to thank you for reading, commenting, sending messages and supporting me. I’ve been so blessed to connect with all of you in different ways.

In addition to reaching this milestone in my blog life, the Good Women Project gave me my first opportunity to guest post. It’s on What No One Told Me About Marriage. I’d love for you to check it out and then read some of the other posts by some amazing women (and men). Then go like them on facebook or follow on twitter.

Considering my halfway tendencies, I’m a little surprised that I actually made it to fifty. I’d like to take some time to revisit some of my favorite and more popular posts. But before I do that, I want to give you a little sneak peak into what you might find in the next fifty posts.

First of all, I think it’s time for a design change. I was playing around the other night and made up this header. I don’t know that it’s what I’ll use, but I really like it.

If you stop by and find that things look different, don’t be alarmed. It’s still me, just better looking. I’ve also been toying with the idea of buying the domain name. Which means the web address will change a little bit too.

As far as content goes, I’ll continue posting on the topics near and dear to my heart like, unity among Christian believers, living with depression, keeping it real (for real, and not just saying ‘I’m keeping it real’), parenthood, and marriage. I’m sure as life happens, new topics will surface. For now, one new topic I know will be covered is homeschooling, as we recently became a home-educating family. I hope to make the next fifty posts even better than the first fifty.

In revisiting past blog posts, I’m glad I never limited myself in the beginning. I’ve really enjoyed having the freedom to write about whatever is on my mind at any given time. Many posts have discussed my faith, my struggles, and my depression. Some were just pure fun. I’ve considered giving my blog a more directional path. We shall see where it takes us (because if you’re reading this, you’re on my journey with me, like it or not!). What I’ve discovered is that this blog is more about encouraging others than it is chronicling my life adventures like I had originally thought.

So, to celebrate my blog’s fiftieth post birthday, I present to you some of my most popular and most favorite posts:

My (two) personal favorite post(s) (because I can’t just pick one): What’s your Nekatla? a post creating a metaphor for letting go based on the “Sleeping Lady” mountains in Alaska (it’s a long one and should have been broken up into three or four posts) and Grace for This Moment; Grace for Eternity (and yes, the sign I made is still hanging up in my kitchen).

Most googled search term post: Santa’s Been Naughty!, a post about White Elephant/Yankee Swap/Dirty Santa gift exchanges. From the search terms, people need to know what to buy, how to play, and how to present it to a third grade class.

Most Shared Post (according to WordPress): An Otterbox Fairy Tale (a contest I entered to win an Otterbox Defender case for one of my girls’ iPod Touch 4g, a contest that I did win). However, I suspect that maybe Hug A Veteran’s Wife has actually been shared most (just from what I can tell on Facebook).

The Most Difficult to Write and Share: The Bottom. Beyond the Basement is the post I wrote to share what depression looks like in my life, in my mind. I also want to share that I don’t write about my depression as a cry for help or for people to feel sorry about me. I write about my depression to help those who do not suffer from it understand it better. I also write and share what I do because I know there are others out there who struggle with this ugly beast. I want them to know that they aren’t alone. I want them to know that there is help.

So, again, thanks for stopping by. I’m so glad that you did. I can’t wait for the next fifty posts and how things will change between now and 100. I’m so thankful you’re along for the journey.

It doesn’t matter . . . it’s in the past

Ok, so not really. My past has shaped who I am today. I already wrote a post about what I’d say to my former selves. This post is not a repeat of that.

Actually, I want to try to go to bed before midnight tonight (I have 32 minutes until midnight . . . not sure I’ll make it, but we’ll try). So quick post for you. I have mentioned in my “What’s My Story?” that I tried writing several different types of blogs in the past. And it’s true. I have.

Some of those blogs still exist. I haven’t deleted them. They mostly concentrated on one area of my life. But I still wrote them and those posts could be relevant to what I write here on Doin’ It Halfway.

So, here are half of my other blogs for you to check out. Don’t worry, Doin’ It Halfway is my end-all. But, I thought I’d still share them in case you’d like to see a little bit more of who I am. Because I was as honest on these other blogs as I am on Doin’ It Halfway. It’s just that when I started the other blogs, I didn’t have the time machine to go forward in time to see that I would write a catch-all blog later on down the road.

R House of Drama: Where I posted about my adventures of being a mom of three girls. And really, having three girls is an adventure. of. drama. Why, just today, we had a rendition of “That’s Mine! No it’s not! It’s mine!” Love those girls, even though they make me so crazy that I had to tell hubs to put them to bed tonight because my attitude was as bad as theirs.

Voice of My Depression: I started this blog a month or so ago, wanting to have an honest discussion about depression and show people who don’t suffer from depression what depression is all about. Wow – I used the word depression three times in the previous sentence. Weird. Anyway – it’s a little more of the serious side of me. And there are only like three posts because I started to write this blog instead. But it’s still me and you’ll find posts like these scattered throughout Doin’ It Halfway in the future.

P90X: One Fat Chic’s Journey: Ok, I’m keepin’ it real with this one. I’m a little ashamed to put this one out there because it’s for real, me. And my struggle with weight. But whatever. I’ve had three kids. I’ve gone through a deployment. I’ve had some rough family situations, moved seven times in the last five years, and lived in a hotel when I started writing Fat Chic’s Journey. Oh yeah, I mentioned Tae Bo in my “What’s My Story?”, but not P90X. I did it for about three weeks. Yep. Halfway. I will tell you that I deleted the pictures because the current readers of “Halfway” are people who know me and, while I’m honest, I just can’t share the rolls. But the stats, I’ll keep up. Mostly because it pertains to struggle with weight and eating and exercise that I mention here.

All these themes (and more) will be discussed at some point here on Doin’ It Halfway. But for now, it’s easier to just link to what’s already been written to give you a little more insight into the crazy world that is mine.

Didn’t make the midnight deadline. Boo. Oh well. As Scarlet O’Hara would say, “I won’t think about that today. I’ll think about it tomorrow.”

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