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Want one less headache during the holidays?

I’m all for free stuff. So when I heard that Shutterfly was giving away 50 free holiday photo cards to bloggers who agreed to write up a blog about their product, how could I not? And you should totally do it too, if you have a blog. But only if you like free stuff. Which I do. Have I mentioned FREE?

Check it:

I have purchased photo cards the last few years through various retailers for my Christmas cards. It’s such an easier option than the alternative (which is taking the three girls to the store and sifting through the cards and then taking a potty break and then sifting through more cards and then fighting with my Diva Queen why we are NOT getting the Peanuts cards . . . you get the point). I also love getting photo cards from friends and family too. If you have ever sent a photo card to me, know that after the holidays, I cut the picture portion of the card out and tape it on my fridge to enjoy throughout the year. True story.

Sidenote/Tangent: Do you ever wonder who your real friends are by who sends you Christmas cards? I do. And I since I LOVE Christmas, I LOVE getting Christmas cards. And even more, I LOVE getting cards with cute pictures of your family, or your kids, or even your dog.

Shutterfly has such a great selection of cards for the holidays this year! Are you planning a HUGE Thanksgiving Bash or Fall Party and want to send out invites? Check These out!  The Christmas Cards this year are so sleek and modern. I completely heart them. While I like many of the neutral holiday cards, I will probably choose one of Shutterfly’s Religious Christmas photo cards, because I always love to give a reminder for why we (at least our family) celebrate Christmas. Do you like to give a “year-end review” when you send your holiday greetings? Then the story cards might be for you. I’m never good at writing a simple, concise letter, so I let my pictures speak for me.

Finally, since I’m trying to instill gratitude and thankfulness in my kiddos, Shutterfly also has these great thank you cards. I’m just going to paste their cute little faces on them, let them sign their names, and shoot ’em out after the holidays (because we all know how much spoiling kids get over the holidays – it’s good for them to remember to return the kindness with a “thank you!”).

Right now, Shutterfly is offering 20% off all holiday cards (at least for the next couple of days)! So why wait until the last minute, trying to find the right card, when you can just load your picture, pick your design, click a couple buttons, and have them delivered right to your door before you even get to the store to pick out your bird for Thanksgiving festivities?

After ordering mine, the plan is to get them ready to send out between pumpkin pie and planning the Black Friday Route. Christmas greeting simplicity at its best, my friends.

Anyway – I won’t lie. This is a shameless plug for Shutterfly because I want free stuff. And in order to get that free stuff, I’m giving up my blog for it. You would too for 50 free Photo Cards. Don’t lie. I know you would and some of you might. But really, I do love their stuff this year. And even though I’m going to get some freebies from them, I’m definitely going to use them more in the future for more of my photo needs.

Like maybe finally getting around to doing some sort of photo baby book for my kiddos? Yep, another area where halfway strikes again.

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