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Do You Pin?

Do you ever see a good idea while you’re surfing the web and want to remember it for a project later on? Or have you ever found a recipe that you really wanted to try, but when you decided to make it, you couldn’t find the website it was posted on? Did you post something on facebook to share with your friends (like a recipe or a great etsy shop), but then months later forget where you originally found it and then spend several minutes going back over your feed just to find it?

I have a solution for you. It’s called Pinterest. And it’s my new time waster addiction interest.

It’s pretty much like a virtual bulletin board where you “pin” items from the internet onto a virtual board.

It’s been so much fun being a part of this community. I’ve gotten great ideas from things I’ve seen on Pinterest.

I’ve found recipes, craft ideas, homeschooling ideas, DIY projects, and AHA! ideas, to name a few. It’s really getting my creative juices flowin’. While it’s not making me want to write so much, it is making me want to strip the wallpaper and redo the rooms in my home. It’s giving me ideas for our coming school year. It’s even helping me make up meal plans.

It’s also causing me to waste endless amounts of time on its site. However, it’s fun to dream. It’s fun to think of what I can do with the ideas presented. It’s fun to actually want to create SOMETHING again. In fact, as I type, I’m waiting for the spray paint to dry on my first Pinterest-inspired project. When it’s done, I’ll post pictures. But for now, I’ll keep you on pins and needles. It also gave my husband an idea for an awesome baby blanket (just gotta find a baby to give it to, I guess) which means he gave me the go-ahead to purchase the supplies to make it. Yay!

Anyway – I’m lovin’ Pinterest.

Feel free to follow any or all of my boards. Some of the ones I have set up are Dreams For My Home, Homeschooling, Food. Good Eats. Recipes., Giggle. LOL. Snort (where I post things that just make me laugh). You can find me here:

For anyone who is new to Pinterest, here are some tips:

Unless you have a friend already on Pinterest who can send you an invite, you’ll need to request an invite. Right now, I don’t know how long it’s taking for them to turn around the requests. A few months ago when I joined, it took a few days (three I think). You’ll receive an email giving you instructions when you’ve officially been invited to Pinterest.

After the initial account set up, you’ll get a generic set of “boards”. You can change the names of the boards to your liking, or stick with what they give you. You can also add boards. You’ll find that you want to as you get more involved with the website.

If you decide you want to dive into the insanity, you’ll want to add the tool bar. This allows for you to pin just about anything from any website on the web (although, you can’t pin things directly from facebook). Usually, it gives you a bunch of thumbnails (small pictures) to choose from. You pick one, pick a board to pin it to, give it a description and then pin it. Find a great recipe you want to try? Pin it. Find a funny picture on the web? Pin it. Your favorite blogger gave you a great idea? Pin it.

While you’re perusing the Pinterest site (you can just see the boards you follow, or you can see everything anyone and everyone posts), you might see something that you want to remember. This is where you re-pin. Just take your arrow and hover over the picture. You’ll see a few buttons pop up on the picture.  Choose the re-pin button. Then follow the instructions above for pinning.

It takes some getting used to. But once you get going, you’ll find you can’t stop. And overall, it’s pretty user-friendly.

So that’s it. I’ll leave you to it. Happy Pinning!

The Sewing Experiment

A few months ago, I was walking around a quaint little down town area and stumbled upon a child boutique. There were many beautiful things. However, the one thing that really caught my eye were these beautiful crib blankets. Obviously well and custom made, I was taken aback by how soft and cute and cuddly they were.

My youngest is a blanket fiend. She’s a full-on Linus who carries her blanket wrapped over her shoulder while sucking her thumb. She would LOVE these blankets. I flipped over the price tag. YOWZERS! $150? For a blanket? Really? I did a double take. Yep. $150.

So, as disappointment set in (knowing that it was nap time, that the drive home was almost two hours, that I had forgotten to bring her a blanket, and that I would NEVER EVER in a million years spend $150 for a baby blanket), the light bulb simultaneously brightened.

“You can make that. And not only that. You could make that and sell it. And maybe you won’t spend $150 for a blanket, but obviously someone out there will. Or maybe they won’t spend $150, but maybe $100 or $80 or even $50.”

So, during the drive home, while my youngest was sleeping and the other two sang along to “Alvin and the Chipmunks, The Squeakel” (can I just insert here that whoever invented DVD players for minivans is a GENIUS?), I devised an entire business plan revolving around selling high end, luxury baby blankets. Never mind that I don’t have my sewing machines anymore. Never mind that I haven’t sewed anything real in say, I don’t know, ten years or more. Never mind that I don’t own any sewing supplies. I was going to start a business selling baby blankets.

So, under the guise of making blankets for my daughters for Christmas (and my nieces and nephews who also happen to be blanket fiends), I began going to fabric stores. I priced fabrics. I researched sewing machines. I began buying fabric for my Christmas-present-blankets. Still didn’t have a sewing machine, but no matter. It was going to happen.

Then I purchased a lemon of a sewing machine on Craigslist. Should not have done that, lesson learned. But at least I got a ruffler foot out of the deal. I researched how to make ruffles, because all high-end blankets (at least for little girls) have satin ruffles. I gleaned the web for baby blanket tutorials and found these. God bless these crafty women and the blogs they write!

Minky Blanket with Satin Trim, Satin Ruffle Making (where I learned what a ruffler attachment was), Minky Blanket Tutorial (which answered a lot of questions I had before I even got started), and another cute Baby Blanket Tutorial (I just love the fabrics in this one).

Oh yes, I can do this. I WILL do this.

And I dropped the bucks on a new, very functional, but not cheap sewing machine. It was my early (and only) birthday present. It arrived yesterday.

I pulled it out of its box, read the manual, wound my bobbins, sewed the different stitches on a piece of fabric, just to know what I had to work with, and then I went to bed. The visions of blankets not yet made danced in my head (it’s never to early for Christmas, in my opinion).

Today, I pulled out some remnants I had purchased and made a small cut. I learned a little. I started figuring my way around my machine. And I finished a satin and minky comfort blankie for my little Linus. She’s sleeping with it right now.

And I feel accomplished. I really think I can do this. I don’t want the money I spent on this machine (and all the accessories and sewing notions and fabric) to go to waste. And neither does my husband, who I will now and forevermore lovingly refer to as “Hubs” in this blog.

My next project, outside of baby blankets, will be to upcycle old sweaters into cute little winter hats. Of course, my girls will be the guinea pigs for this project, but I’m sure they won’t mind.

I have six blankets to make in the next two months. Just to distract myself, I may try a hat or two. I’m going to try different things on each of the blankets and see how they turn out. With the leftovers, I may make some comfort blankies and put them on etsy and see what happens. Who knows? Only time will tell if this endeavor (and my follow-through) will succeed.

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