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It doesn’t matter . . . it’s in the past

Ok, so not really. My past has shaped who I am today. I already wrote a post about what I’d say to my former selves. This post is not a repeat of that.

Actually, I want to try to go to bed before midnight tonight (I have 32 minutes until midnight . . . not sure I’ll make it, but we’ll try). So quick post for you. I have mentioned in my “What’s My Story?” that I tried writing several different types of blogs in the past. And it’s true. I have.

Some of those blogs still exist. I haven’t deleted them. They mostly concentrated on one area of my life. But I still wrote them and those posts could be relevant to what I write here on Doin’ It Halfway.

So, here are half of my other blogs for you to check out. Don’t worry, Doin’ It Halfway is my end-all. But, I thought I’d still share them in case you’d like to see a little bit more of who I am. Because I was as honest on these other blogs as I am on Doin’ It Halfway. It’s just that when I started the other blogs, I didn’t have the time machine to go forward in time to see that I would write a catch-all blog later on down the road.

R House of Drama: Where I posted about my adventures of being a mom of three girls. And really, having three girls is an adventure. of. drama. Why, just today, we had a rendition of “That’s Mine! No it’s not! It’s mine!” Love those girls, even though they make me so crazy that I had to tell hubs to put them to bed tonight because my attitude was as bad as theirs.

Voice of My Depression: I started this blog a month or so ago, wanting to have an honest discussion about depression and show people who don’t suffer from depression what depression is all about. Wow – I used the word depression three times in the previous sentence. Weird. Anyway – it’s a little more of the serious side of me. And there are only like three posts because I started to write this blog instead. But it’s still me and you’ll find posts like these scattered throughout Doin’ It Halfway in the future.

P90X: One Fat Chic’s Journey: Ok, I’m keepin’ it real with this one. I’m a little ashamed to put this one out there because it’s for real, me. And my struggle with weight. But whatever. I’ve had three kids. I’ve gone through a deployment. I’ve had some rough family situations, moved seven times in the last five years, and lived in a hotel when I started writing Fat Chic’s Journey. Oh yeah, I mentioned Tae Bo in my “What’s My Story?”, but not P90X. I did it for about three weeks. Yep. Halfway. I will tell you that I deleted the pictures because the current readers of “Halfway” are people who know me and, while I’m honest, I just can’t share the rolls. But the stats, I’ll keep up. Mostly because it pertains to struggle with weight and eating and exercise that I mention here.

All these themes (and more) will be discussed at some point here on Doin’ It Halfway. But for now, it’s easier to just link to what’s already been written to give you a little more insight into the crazy world that is mine.

Didn’t make the midnight deadline. Boo. Oh well. As Scarlet O’Hara would say, “I won’t think about that today. I’ll think about it tomorrow.”

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