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Trunk or Treat for practically Nada Tiempo or Dinero

Middle Drama Queen Child had her Halloween party at preschool today. Part of moving into this season of life (from sippy cups and diapers to school age) is the parties. I had the honor of putting together First Born Diva Child’s Fall Festival party last week. More on that later (I need to email the other parents to see if they got any really good pictures).

Our parental participation at Drama Queen’s school is Trunk-or-Treat. If you don’t know what that is, it’s basically when you park your cars in the parking lot and open your trunks up. The kids line up and trick-or-treat from your trunk. And you’re supposed to give them candy, not road flares and car jacks.

This is the first year we’ve participated in Halloween events (for various reasons, which I may or may not go into sometime in the future). Halloween has never been a big holiday in my book. I know that some people will debate why Halloween is the best holiday ever, but it just doesn’t really do it for me. Christmas is more my cup o’ tea, as you’ll soon find out in a month or so.

Regardless, I wanted to make it fun for the kids. I had considered running to Walmart or Target and buying some premade paper decorations. But, with all this money I’m spending on healthier wholesome food,  I wasn’t too eager to part with the money my hubs works so hard to make on a holiday that’s just “whatever” in my opinion. That, and these kids are three. They’re not going to care, really.

So, if you have a trunk-or-treat event to attend and want to make it fun and cheap, feel free to steal my ideas and/or put your own spin on it. Here’s how I did it in less than an hour and under $3 (just a sidenote: in case you’ve been living under some rock and have never heard Spanish before Nada = No, Tiempo = Time, Dinero = Cold Hard Cash).

For decorations, I cut up an old white table cloth into three strips (I don’t have the table it used to fit, so it not very useful. It was begging to be cut up and used for something fun). Using a sharpie marker, I drew a set of black eyes on each strip. I crumpled up a couple of ads from today’s newspaper (because I don’t need the ads because I don’t need to spend more money) and wrapped the part of the strip with the eyes around the wad of paper. I tied a smaller (like one inch wide) strip fabric around the bottom of it and viola! a ghost! Then I repeated the whole procedure two more times. Next, I took about an 18 inch piece of clear nylon thread and, using a needle, threaded it through the top of the ghost. Pull it through until the two ends are even and tie three or four knots in it, then tie to make a loop so you can hang your ghosts (or tape them) from your trunk. The clear thread gives the illusion of them floating, but white or black or whatever color you have will work here. Hang your ghosts up and you’re done!

Another side note: the nylon thread was a spool I purchased years ago for some well-intended, but never started project. In this case, I ended up needing it sometime in the future, so I guess it’s good that it wasn’t de-cluttered a long time ago!To finish it off, I pulled some mini pumpkins from my kitchen table decoration to line along my bumper, visited itunes to download Flying Purple People Eater, Monster Mash, and I Want Candy from Kidz Bops – Halloween Edition (this is where the spending came in – $2.97 for the three), put the candy in my trunk and we’re done!

If you can tell, “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” is playing on the DVD for my Lil’ Linus. It was just easier to keep her distracted in the car and out of the way of the three year-old trunk-or-treaters.

Super simple, super cheap, and loads of fun! The ghosts and getting my trunk ready took less than an hour to do. I even had time to make myself a black felt cat tail to go with the cat mask from the kids’ dress up box that they left on the floor (sometimes it’s good to NOT be an neat freak pick up, as in this case, it was just lying there on the playroom floor saying, “Wear me! Wear me!”) And now, I’m all set for treak-or-treating in a couple of days. Not bad, I think, considering I was able to accomplish all this between dropping Drama Child off and showing up for the trunk-or-treating less than two hours later!

I would have taken more pictures, but I was a mom on a mission with little time. So you get what you get. Also, If want to reuse your ghosts for their original purposes after Halloween is over, you could just stuff some newspaper into a white pillow case, tie it off, and then tape some black construction paper eyes on it. And a mouth. Because according to Diva Child, after examining them closely when she came home from school, I should have put a mouth on the ghosts. Because “how else are they going to say, ‘ooooooooohhhhhhhhh’ to scare everyone, Mom?”

I think it’s a little too early to have the conversation that paranormals don’t need mouths to freak out the living AND then go into why I don’t believe in ghosts. So, I just nodded and said, “Ok. Next time I’ll put mouths on them.”

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